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General Booking Inquiries 

Hero Music Booking 

Contact: Jan D.



Def Hank, INC. 

Contact: Geert Leenders


Harnosound, INC.

Contact: Åke Dahlbäck



TJ Concerts

Contact: Trond Johnsen

Eastern Europe 

The Delta Agency

Contact: Ewa Jodko



Letroit Tours

Contact: Fred Jouglas

Basic Requirements:

Minimum stage dimensions:

20 ft long x 10 ft wide; No special reqs


Number and type of mics:

For larger rooms/festivals, everything should be mic’d

Vocal — 2 clean SM 58s, located stage right

Drums — 2 akg overhead condenser mics, shure sm 57 for snare, kickdrum akg T 112, 2 audex mics for the floor and rack tom

Bass Amp — T 112 akg

Guitar amps — 2 shure sm 57s

Mic/instrument stands:

Vocal mics should be on bottom stands
Guitar stands needed — 2 stage right, 3 stage left


2 fender or victoria bassman amplifiers, 1 stage right (trio), 1 stage left (quartet). Bass amp — GK 400 head, with at least a 4x10 cabinet.

If possible, 2 1963 reissue fender reverb tanks.

PA system/mixing console preferences:

For larger rooms, a 16-channel console capable of separate monitor mixes

For smaller rooms, just 3 channels to accommodate 2 vocals and kick drum

Mic and direct input assignments for the mixing console:

1) Vox stage right
2) Vox stage left (Quartet)
3) Guitar stage right
4) Guitar stage left (Quartet)
5) Bass
6) Kick drum
7) Snare
8) Overhead rt
9) Overhead left
10) Tom 1
11) Tom 2

Stage monitors:

4 — 1 stage right, 1 stage left, 1 for bass and 1 for drummer

Sound technician:
Can bring our own sound tech unless one is provided



Dressing room:


Transportation and accommodation:

Required, for 4 total

Note: Hotels should be a national chain rated at 3.5 stars or higher and festival/club should provide 4 single rooms for the band.


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