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Dave previously teamed up with Foundations of Music, a Chicago based non-profit music education organization, to bring a Blues in Schools program to underprivileged children in Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. The mission statement for Foundations of Music is to "provide music education to underserved children in Chicago, sparking creativity and passion, teaching critical thinking, supporting academic achievement and enriching young lives".


The Blues in Schools program, developed by Erin Frisby, Maria Mobrey and Herrero (who has 8 years teaching experience and degrees in Psychology and Child Care Management from the University of North Florida) with Foundations of Music, integrates a one week program of information, taught in the classroom by the students' teachers, about the history of blues music, key artists, instruments and the impact and importance of the blues on modern urban music. It culminates with a one hour performance with the Foundations Blues Band and a question and answer session. The curriculum, which is presented by a powerpoint presentation, youtube videos, songs and quizzes, takes the students on a musical journey from Blues to Rock and Roll, Soul, Funk, and all the way to Hip-Hop and modern day R&B. 


The Blues curriculum is designed for students in grades 3-8. However, several of Foundations of Music's partner schools have found success utilizing the curriculum for high school students as well. The culminating assembly is appropriate for all grade levels.


"In Chicago, many children learn of hardships at too young an age. They are without homes or family, living under the poverty level and struggling against a culture that pushes them towards drugs and violence. These children know the blues, but they don't have the music to express it themselves. Your donation can bring happiness to these kids who have so much sadness."


- Buddy Guy, Honorary Board Member, Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music, Blues In Schools Program

7th graders jamming with the Foundations Blues band

Kids from Southside Occupational Academy, a special needs school on the Southside of Chicago, performing a song they wrote with the Foundations Blues Band

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