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Featuring the legendary Jimmy Burns 

The legendary Jimmy Burns and Katherine Davis have teamed up with The Dave Herrero Trio (Andrew "Blaze" Thomas (Ana Popovich / Lucky Peterson) and Ari Seder (Ronnie Baker Brooks) to create a band that gives you a true 2016 Chicago Blues Revue Experience. They have an amazing festival show that opens with Dave and his original songs that have a rock & roll vigor reminiscent of when it was dangerous music. Katherine and Jimmy's positive energy blend with amazing talent, friendship and rich musical history, to create a truly contagious blend of soul, love, fun and excitement. This band recently completed a tour of Turkey playing to thousands night after night, and headlined the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul for Pozitif Musik's Blues Sessions Istanbul. 

& Miss Katherine Davis

The Dave Herrero Trio

Please enjoy this free download of an experimental Turkish, Chicago Blues, Funk record, recorded with the Dave Herrero Trio (Andrew "Blaze" Thomas and Ari Seder), Jimmy Burns, Katherine Davis and acclaimed Turkish Jazz singer Elif Çağlar, in September of 2013 in Chicago, IL. Produced by Paul "Ziggy" Zerang.


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